1. Pain

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Like Pac up in the mornings gotta ask myself
Is life worth living should I blast myself?
But then again I'm thinking what the hell's to gain?
I ain't the only motherfucker who been feeling pain
Got a homie turn his back on blood
Got another homie gave his fucking life to drugs
But no running tears
I'm a broken system
I'm tryna hold my fucking pieces together while partner up in prison
I saw his face in them papers and it just broke my heart
I saw the story but didn't believe it from the start
They tried to give my brother life I call bullshit
How many white folks did it take to pull this?
Just think of all the people that should listen
Couldn't say I understand cause' that's just a place I never been in
And I know way too many out to tell
And I ain't gotta hear they stories or see them brothers to know it's hell
From day one that ain't no place to go
And I got too many problems and I ain't tryna add no fucking more
It's pretty hard to find myself on this land
I got the face of a boy but the mind of a man
I'm from a city full of dirty streets
Where the only nigga that I can trust is I myself and me
I thank my folks just for guiding me right
Or should I say I learned from them what not to do in my life (Well)
We all hurt so we suppress with alcohol and drugs
Got us working like bug catchers we catching slugs
It ain't no time to even fool around
They used to bring it to the block
Now they shooting up the public grounds
It's like damn
Where's the love?
Sometimes I wonder if he even really watching above (Cause)
It's like the violence just won't ever cease
We at a war with each other and got a war against the police
How we divided when the same sun raised us?
We used to save ourselves first before them white folks saved us
I'm so convinced
I been knew that my country an act
I rose up hearing that I'm free but been feeling like I been fucking trapped
My soul weeps for them boys and little girls
Who get kidnapped then passed around the world
And that's some shit I find hard not to think about
We under cameras and drones yet we can't figure out
But nowadays I just stay my mind
Because believe me
When I say that trouble ain't too hard to find
And if you smile at me I can't return it
I had to freeze up my heart in order for a nigga to preserve it
And at an early age I had to learn it
No matter who you are you gonna feel some pain when you don't deserve it
And no matter which a way you hurting
It's always someone out there doing worse