Bayou Boss K9 The GNT

The Greatest Entertainer Today & The Greatest Entertainer To Be

Bayou Boss K9 is a southern rapper born and raised in the boot. Dubbed "The Boss" by family members at an early age, this artist carries the name professionally as his stage name. This Louisiana rapper has a unique way of bringing his listeners into his world through lush lyricism, vivid storytelling, dynamic flow, and brilliant rhymes. Bayou's music is best described as a deep expression of his psyche and his perception of the world around him from past experiences to present day. His passion for rap music began during his childhood years via his father's influence--a long term hip-hop fan and artist/producer himself. Listeners describe Bayou's music as "refreshing" or reminiscent of rappers such as 2Pac, LL Cool J, DMX, and other popular artists that dominated the genre in previous years. Bayou Boss K9 firmly believes the real music will continue to live on through every generation, and enforces this ideal through his classic-but-modern distinctiveness through his songs. 

I don't like your favorite rapper.” - Bayou Boss K9

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