From the recording Hell's Most Wanted

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Are you afraid to die?
I'm not
I'm more afraid of what happens after

Early morning on the floor my vision blackened
My soul left me before I knew what really happened
My world changed I'm at some gates surrounded by lights
I hear a voice I see my Christ
He shook his head at me
Boy wasn't it clear?
Spoke to you in your dreams but you still didn't hear
Gave you definite proof there was nothing to fear
Exceptional wisdom so you stood out from your peers
I even saved your vision when you were losing your eyes
I gave you one more set to see through disguise
I didn't take your siblings in it wasn't their time
I gave you all these talents you still lost your mind
I gave you everything just to keep you from being bored
But then you went ahead and felt that you wanted more
Music poetry vocals genius wisdom and self
And when you needed the strength I gave you some help
I read your mind you wanna say you saw demons?
Better start believing that there weren't only demons
There were angels around every block around the clock
And them voices inside your head were your mental block
I thought you knew it boy I am that rock
The Alpha and Omega everything you heard was not a prop
I laid out them stops from nicotine and alcohol
To demons dressed as women I blocked them all
Your fascination with death made you curious
And lucid dreams delirious but you were serious
You saw all dark and made it dull senses
I brought light to your mind but couldn't spark interest
I knew you'd grow to be an excellent person
But you felt life was a burden
It damaged your person (I saw you hurting)
And I just wish that I could take you further
It's upsetting to see that bullet with your name come from your own person
But I forgive you for your self infliction
But you don't have permission
And he said that with tears down his face
I blinked and the whole view was erased
Not heaven I know what's coming
Loud sounds a screaming noise
A large pair of hands grabbed me from straight out the void
I began screaming and then I heard
It's a boy!
Not again
Fears beyond the grave