1. Whitney
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I used to blame myself
I felt neglected by Cupid
I never knew what love could be like I lacked the influence
Like a waterfall came crashing down
And left me drenched
And I ain't felt the same from that waterfall ever since
I felt your pain from the start
The way you spoke
The way you felt
You showed me all kinds of sides I started wanting for myself
Wе shared our stories (tripping over hеartbreak)
And overtime overcame the time when our hearts ached
But sometimes I do some things you don't understand
Got so used to all them boys but now you got you a man
So in love with the chemistry got me writing lines
Make no mistake when I say I want you to be mine
You don't have to read my mind (I want you)
A treasure no one else should find (I want you)
And only to myself I want you to be
Cause' all them ones that came before could not have seen what I've seen (I want you)
I saw them scars on you baby
You say you scared, but I'm not scared of you becoming my lady
Told me all about your flaws 100 better than 50
Every morning every night my body thinking about Whitney
I want you
You heard Kristiana and said write what I feel
I try to think of her now but then it disappears
No more question we got a piece of each other
Been around me for years but I never saw you as a lover
But a lover's what I feel we moving more than friends
I keep it real with you Whitney cause I don't do pretend
So I flirt with you and tease you forget them ones you know before
Girl I'm searching to please you in ways you never knew before
I'm sadistic I told from the start
I promised control of the pace but now you got my heart
I remember when I told you I was curious
And I remember when I knew that it was serious
I feel at ease when you appear
The distance don't bother me but I lie I want you near
I want you here
I want you inside of my arms them days you say you stressed
I want you inside of my bed them days you need to rest
I want your face against mine to look into your eyes
I wanna make that fear vanish connect your lips with mine
It's not enough but I wanna show you no one's above you
I didn't write this for no one else
I wrote this for you
I love you Whitney