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100 Niggas that I know and only six friends
I started out with many more but had to count again
And I guess it's probably cause we had some differences
And from the jump I knew that we was on some different shit
But through the years know my eyes losing on they sight
But the vision that I got has got me seeing right
Because I'm telling you I seen so many eyes looking (They looking at me)
Man I'm telling you I seen so many smiles crooked (Crooked)
Plotting on your boy because they wanna try me
And the ones that I once knew got to gеt from round me
And I had to find myself a couple friеnds
A couple niggas that I knew before this shit began
And I know my boys won't ever steal (Right)
Because we only know language and that's keep it real
I met a buster that I once knew
Ain't seen him in awhile so you know played it cool
But I guess that was the wrong move (Wrong move)
A face that I used to trust turned crooked too (Crooked)
And I quickly jerked my hand away
Ironic the funny niggas be the ones to change
Stayed ready I ain't think he be the wrong homie
I thought my mind was playing tricks on me
I thought my mind was playing tricks on me
I thought my mind was playing tricks on me
Alone outside I'm sitting on a bench
Next thing you know an older woman comes and sits
And she strikes up a chat with me (Huh?)
And she ask me why I never look the slightest happy
And she started giving me advice (Oh yea?)
I tried to plan her out because you know a nigga not the type
But I guess I must have trusted her a little bit
Cause once I got started there was no end of it
And I started talking off the mind
I talked so damn much I went and lost the track of time
And I remembered it was getting late
So I hopped my ass up and told her see you round the way
And so we finished on that last note
I ain't the type to get into it so I thanked her for the time we spoke
And after that we met a couple times (Couple times)
Every day the same park, same bench, and the same time
I'm feeling glad to share with someone else
Until somebody tapped me and said I'm talking to my fucking self
Realizing in a minute I was kidding me
Believing that I had an equal my mind was tricking me
Tricking me
Tricking me
I thought my mind was playing tricks on me
I thought my mind was playing tricks on me
I'm in my cell counting tallies on the wall
It been a couple years since I had my last call
I been alone in this wicked place
Could see the pain in my eyes but never will I show it in my face
My cellmate he came in about the same time
We kind of similar but we don't got the same mind
He like to talk alot but I'm the opposite
I like to speak soft but carry bigger sticks
We kind of big on that yard the whole block heard us
Connections come from everywhere we make the opps nervous
My celly fiending for the power I see his greed
Some niggas say they got a problem wanna see em bleed
So he tryna rally up some guys
A little surprised cause only few had wanna take his side
I'm not his boy so I didn't really move either
I been had seen it for myself he ain't a strong leader
Cause you could say a whole lot but does it reach
My daddy taught me judge a man beyond the speech
So he took the few he got and he went to war
They beat his ass to a pulp and left him on the floor
His mind played tricks on him just because his neck
He had the attention but not enough respect
But not enough respect
But not enough respect
But not enough respect
I'm scared of sleeping every night because of bad dreams
When I'm awake is reality really what it seems
My room feels like a prison
And when I wanna talk no one's there to listen
But every now and then I hear a voice that ain't my own
But when I look nobody's there and I'm all alone
There's a woman next door but it can't be
I think a woman's in my wall that I can't see
Oh lord have mercy how did we get here
Got confusion on my mind I can't think clear
Cuz I started talking to her (And she started talking back)
I learned a little but it felt like I always knew her
She sounds younger, but never hard to conversate
I'm more mature, but not to where she can't relate
I got my ears to the walls, I look insane
Why am I reaching for this voice, I can't explain
I stood up had enough and put my fist through it
And I kept swinging and swinging till' I could slip through it
Can't believe what I saw it took my breath
A young lady chained up and close to death
I would have seen her sooner if we had a little trust
We thought our minds were playing tricks on us